Infographic: The 5 Critical Reasons Why Most People Are Not Rich.

Why is it that most people don’t become wealthy? With all the opportunities that are available, why is it that so few people retire financially independent… and yet some do find the way?  In this newest infographic, here are what I consider to be the five most critical reasons why most people are not rich.



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  • Emily

    Good post. The “buy now, worry later” mindset keeps many from ever becoming wealthy.

    • Monty Campbell

      You said it Emily. The streets of mediocrity are lined with that mindset.

  • HM

    All I can say Is what my parents told me 60 years ago, a penny saved is a penny earned, and the more you make the more you will look to spend it on.

    • Monty Campbell

      So true. Money has a gravitational pull to be spent, unless the person instills discipline to save for their future and their freedom.

  • chrisinla

    A 6 figure salary does not mean you are rich any longer. The way I look at things is whether you are saving 10% , 25% or 50% or more of your salary. If you make $100,000 and you save 50% of it, you will be a half-millionaire in just 10 yrs but if you save only 10%, it will take 50 yrs to be just there. So, the key to getting rich is frugality and investing the savings for long-haul: let money work for you.

    • Monty Campbell

      That IS the formula. Most people make plenty of income to be wealthy. It’s a matter of saving a significant portion of what you make and then turning that savings into investment capital. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tamara

    I’ve read many pieces about this topic, but this one does a nice job hitting a number of the influencing elements. Chipping away at past sins (debt) is a great way to help stretch your dollar and get a permanent raise. It is amazing how much of a motivator that can be for someone to work hard at reducing their debt load.

    Thanks for the food for thought!

    • Monty Campbell

      Thanks Tamara. Glad it worked for you. You are spot on regarding reducing debt as a sure way to get a raise. Thanks for commenting.

  • gilstrac

    The best thing to do is find other ways to make income. More specifically, aim to make passive income; where you aren’t working for the extra money and can still have time to actually appreciate what you’ve earned.

    • Monty Campbell

      I agree. Creating multiple streams of passive income is a great wealth building strategy.

  • thomas

    I would add another one, that many people are lulled into complacency with a “decent” job and they lose their appetite for wealth because they are comfortable.

    • Monty Campbell

      So true. Nothing puts people to sleep faster at the success wheel than a decent paying job. You have to stay hungry.

  • welloe91

    Thanks for this motivational graphic Monty.

    • Monty Campbell

      You are welcome. Glad you liked it.