Infographic: Your Gift To Yourself. The Wonderful Benefits From Being Able To Retire Early!

Early retirement is an incredible gift. It’s a gift that everyone should give themselves. When you retire early, there’s no more silly training programs and bland catered sandwiches. No more brainless meetings, office jerks, and mind-numbing commutes. No more stupid sales pitches. No more two weeks of vacation. No more reorgs of the section that just got reorganized last month. These are the wonderful benefits of being able to retire early!


Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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Financial Freedom Monty Campbell


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  • Katie

    Thumbs up on this infographic Monty. My husband and I retired in our 40s. How did we do it?

    1. We owned our own business.

    2. We saved the majority of what we earned and lived well below our means. (and I mean the *majority*, not 10 or 15%)
    3. We lived without debt.
    4. We funded our retirement early, then began building non-retirement investments.

    When we retired we had multiple small streams of income – investments, real estate (which people advise against but has been great for us), and a small side business.

    Retirement for us is not sitting around on a yacht or hanging out at the country club. We spend time with our family, enjoy the same simple pleasures we always have, and we have many interests. We love to learn, and we love to work hard at things that interest us. Being financially independent means we can do what we want to do. It means choice and freedom.

    • Monty Campbell

      Congrats Katie! I love stories like these, of everyday people managing their money in a smart way and reaping the benefits. Be able to retire early is not overly complicated as you’ve found, it’s just a matter of practicing some sound money principles over time until you reach your goal. Good for you!

  • lem

    It would seem that the values of early retirees are completely different
    from most people. Whenever some folks have a problem, it seems their first thought is to
    drive over to Walmart and buy a gadget that will solve their problem.
    Rather, they should sit down and wonder how they got this far without spending money
    and then find an alternative solution to their issues rather than
    credit cards. Otherwise, they’ll never be able to retire early.

    • Monty Campbell

      Thanks for sharing lem. I agree with you. The person who falls victim to consumerism will most likely never to be able to retire early. The key is to save part of your income, invest it wisely and then retire early living off of your investment income.

  • carlsonshouse

    Most of the people I talk to that want to retire early hate their jobs.The way I look at it is that having financial means gives you the flexibility to pursue the type of work that makes you
    happy or to not work at all.

    • Monty Campbell

      Yes, financial freedom puts the ball back in your court and gives you the ultimate flexibility.

  • Ben

    I like the message in this infographic. The goal isn’t necessarily to retire, but rather being able to retire early. Having enough money to retire early gives us the freedom to choose what we do. It could be to work in a venture for personal and professional achievement. Or it could be freeing up time for hobbies outside work.

    • Monty Campbell

      That’s right Ben. It’s about freedom of choice to do what you want with your time.

  • Melanie H.

    Love this…:”You leave the crap” is my favorite!

    • brook

      That’s my favorite as well!

    • Monty Campbell

      Ha ha! Just telling it like it is. 🙂