Warren Buffett

Bad Money Habits Aren’t The Problem. The Real Problem With Those Who Can’t Get Ahead Is This..

15th February 2020 . 0 Comments

“I can’t seem to stop spending!” “I’ve never been good with money!” “I tried budgeting but I just couldn’t stick with it!” “There’s no way I can save money, not with my expenses!” What do all these statements have in common? They’re bad habits masquerading as excuses. The bad habit of compulsive spending.The bad habit […]

Most People Never Become Rich For This One Very Simple Reason – They’re Not Average Enough!

8th February 2020 . 0 Comments

When authors Tom Stanley and William Danko wanted to know how people became wealthy, their research turned up something odd. What they found was, many of the people who live in upscale neighborhoods and drive luxurious cars were actually living double lives. Although they had the outward appearance of wealth, they were not actually wealthy.  […]

Yes, There’s A “System” Out There, But It’s Not Rigged! It’s One That Can Help You, If You Let It..

1st February 2020 . 0 Comments

It’s the battle cry of the beleaguered. And the mantra of the mediocre. And also the pet phrase of the pathetic… “The system is rigged!” Be it government, corporations, the stock market or financial institutions, many people feel that there’s a mysterious and evil “system” out there that keeps them down. Some secret and invisible […]