Warren Buffett

Think You’re In Control Of Your Life? You’re Not In Control Of Your Life Until You’ve Done This…

2nd February 2019 . 2 Comments

There’s a lot of junk “science” out there regarding wealth building. Many want to believe that it takes superior intelligence to get rich. Unfortunately for them, the cold hard facts prove them dead wrong. There are literally droves of so-called geniuses, savants and the like, that are flat broke. Struggling with money. At, or near, […]

The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate. Similarly, The Opposite Of Wealth Is Not Being Poor. It’s This…

12th January 2019 . 0 Comments

We’ve all witnessed the scene. Nice restaurant. Great food. Relaxing music. Romantic ambiance. And there they are… That couple. Staring off into space. Preoccupied with their phones. Barley saying a few words to one another all night long. A look on their faces like they’d rather be somewhere else. It’s obvious they hate each other, […]