Q&A: I Answer Subscribers Most Pressing Questions!

7th March 2015 . 10 Comments

Welcome to the first question and answer session on the blog! We provide subscribers a link whereby they can send in their most pressing questions and see them answered right here on the blog. This will be a regular blog feature going forward and hopefully the information below helps answer a question you’ve always wanted […]

7 Steps To Avoid Living A Small Life

28th February 2015 . 15 Comments

Life balance is one of those concepts I love to hate. Here’s why: I don’t know of a single successful person who feels like they’ve mastered that equation. Yet the myth of the perfectly balanced life haunts many. I also think it’s a false way to describe what the real problem is, because life is […]

Do You Avoid Success By Making It Unattractive?

7th February 2015 . 8 Comments

I love creative fiction. And there’s no shortage of fiction out there about what it takes to be successful. So many untruths… So many misconceptions… So many myths… …about what’s required to live the good life. In reality, it only takes four simple things: clarity, confidence, courage and commitment. Those four ingredients make all the […]

The Ultimate Stupidity Tax (Part I).

24th January 2015 . 45 Comments

Would you just throw money away? I’m sure everyone would reply with a hearty “NO!” to that question. Yet, each year, people throw away hundreds of millions of dollars gambling. Some folks wonder why I am so against gambling. Others, who know a little about how the brain works and who’ve done the simple math […]

Are You Holding Yourself Back Unintentionally?

6th December 2014 . 17 Comments

What’s the hardest thing for most people to believe about themselves? It’s this – That really good things can happen to them. Sounds a little absurd doesn’t it? Yet, many people go thru life in total disbelief that good fortune can come their way. In fact, some people even indulge themselves in this disbelief over […]

What Albert Einstein Taught Me About Wealth Building

8th November 2014 . 14 Comments

Did you know that Albert Einstein once tried to take up golf but quit because he found it too complicated? Seems a little odd doesn’t it, given that he’s the father of modern physics! Here’s the story: In the late 1930’s, Einstein was urged to take up golf by Dr. Abraham Flexner, the founder and […]