Will You Set Yourself On Fire?

23rd May 2014 . 4 Comments

I knew that everything would be different from that day forward. It was a watershed moment for me. I had just been asked the most important question of my young life….and I knew I had to answer it. “What will you become?” lingered in the air, demanding to be answered. I wasn’t asked that question […]

Write Your Own Story

12th April 2014 . 2 Comments

If you had to write your own obituary, how would it read? Would it describe the life that you always wanted to have?  Would it read like the obituaries of people that you admired? Would it contain a long list of great achievements? Or would it be a different version? A mediocre version. The version […]

The Bridge Between Goals and Achievement

22nd March 2014 . 7 Comments

I believe in freedom. The type of freedom which is based on responsibility. I also consider discipline indispensable in this, but it must be inner discipline, motivated by a strong demand to be free. Warren Buffett was once playing golf with a bunch of people and they all bet a dollar on a particular hole. […]

How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?

22nd February 2014 . 1 Comments

Ask yourself, how bad do you want to succeed? If you ask most people if they want to be successful, you will get an enthusiastic “Yes!” for an answer. But if you then ask them what they are willing to sacrifice, suffer, or give up for success, you will see that enthusiasm fade.   Some […]

Are Bad Habits Contagious?

1st February 2014 . 4 Comments

“Your income will be the average income of your five closest friends.” -Jim Rohn One of the greatest needs is that of association. We have a deep need to be accepted and to belong. Once we belong, we tend to assume the habits of those around us. This can be good or bad, depending on […]