Infographic: The Grapes Of Math – The Terrible State Of Financial Literacy In The U.S.

The 2014 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling shows once again that financial literacy needs to improve in America. But the problem isn’t necessarily a lack of knowledge. Rather, there is a ‘knowing-doing’ gap in financial literacy. In other words, knowing what to do — and doing what should be done — are two different things.

Classes and information about personal finance are widely available, and are often for free. But many are still failing the basics of financial literacy. Adding insult to injury is that the survey show that people who are not financially literate recognize what they don’t know.

If after viewing this infographic, you recognize what you don’t know, take steps today to improve your financial knowledge. And don’t just stop there. Take that knowledge and do something about it – use it to change your financial future for the better.


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  • Marcel

    No one will show their parents this report card, which grades Americans as being financially illiterate.

    • Monty Campbell

      Good point. This report card should be a wake-up call for some.

  • Erin Z.

    I think the opposite could be said here as well. Americans with a firm grasp on their finances are richer in many ways. Smart money management brings peace of mind!

    • Monty Campbell

      Well said Erin. That’s exactly true – those that manage their money well get to experience peace of mind.

  • Greg

    This infographic shows there’s a substantial disconnection between Americans’ confident bluster about their money-management skills and their actual behavior.

    • Monty Campbell

      I agree Greg. There’s a disconnect between where some people think they are financially and were their real status.

  • william

    These statistics are sad. I hope it’s a wake up call for people to learn more about money.

    • Monty Campbell

      I do as well William. Thanks for reading.

  • Melanie H.

    Sobering numbers. Thanks for posting this Monty.

    • Monty Campbell

      Absolutely. It’s good to show these numbers in the light of day.

  • PJoon

    Thanks for sharing your research.

    • Monty Campbell

      Hi PJoon. It’s not my research. It’s from the 2014 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey. I just show it here.

  • rener

    This is an alarming set of statistics.

    • Monty Campbell

      It certainly is rener. Thanks for commenting.