What Warren Buffett Really Means When He Says His Favorite Holding Period Is “Forever”!

3rd February 2018 . 12 Comments
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Warren Buffett is known for paring-down his investment ideas into simple, memorable sound bites. While these homespun sayings help us by reducing complicated concepts into a digestible format, they can lead some new investors to scratching their heads.  Especially when it appears that those sayings seem to contradict the legendary investor himself! Here’s an example… […]

How To Know If Your Slipping Into Mediocrity. Six Signs That You’re Settling For A Life You’ll Regret

2nd December 2017 . 1 Comments
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Mediocrity doesn’t just happen. Rather, it’s something people accept over time, almost unconsciously. It seeps into their lives daily, weekly, monthly and over years. Like bad habits, the chains of mediocrity are too light to be noticed until they are too heavy to be ignored.   Given the sinister nature of mediocrity, how does someone […]