In A Brand New Article, Warren Buffett Once Again Shuts Down All The Stupid Talking Heads On TV!

13th January 2018 . 5 Comments
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It’s tough out there for many. Although America’s economy has rebounded mightily from the depths of the largest recession in a generation, there are still many that are not participating in the good times.  Many are struggling, hurting even. And I’m not talking about the poor. Nope. I’m referring to the group formerly known as […]

How To Know If Your Slipping Into Mediocrity. Six Signs That You’re Settling For A Life You’ll Regret

2nd December 2017 . 1 Comments
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Mediocrity doesn’t just happen. Rather, it’s something people accept over time, almost unconsciously. It seeps into their lives daily, weekly, monthly and over years. Like bad habits, the chains of mediocrity are too light to be noticed until they are too heavy to be ignored.   Given the sinister nature of mediocrity, how does someone […]

No, Capitalism Is Not The Thief Of Happiness. What Is? If You Really Want To Know, It’s This…

11th November 2017 . 0 Comments
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A poll released last year by the Harvard Institute of Politics found that among 18-to-29-year-olds, only 19 percent identified themselves as “capitalists,” and only 42 percent said they “supported” capitalism. The number was only slightly higher for those in the next age group, 34 to 49 years old, with 31 percent identifying as capitalists and […]