“Wait A Minute, Deficits Are Good For Stocks? How The Hell Can That Be Right?” Here’s How…

12th May 2018 . 8 Comments
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Thomas Stanley who wrote the book The Millionaire Next Door, explained in his book that the courage to be different is a contributing factor in most millionaire’s successes. “One of the reasons that millionaires are economically successful is that they think differently,” he writes. While no man is an island, those that profit from the […]

“Go To School And Get A Good Paying Job” Is Good Advice If You Just Want To Get By. But It’s Bad If..

5th May 2018 . 5 Comments
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“Go to school and get a good paying job”. Ah, that age-old advice that’s been handed down by well-meaning parents for decades. Sounds great. Unfortunately, it’s so misguided. With this advice, your parents assume that you’ll get a good job and that they won’t have to worry about you. But the goals of “not worrying […]

The Big Divorce. If You’re Not Making Enough Progress, It Might Be Time To Breakup With…

7th April 2018 . 5 Comments
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In last week’s post, I talked about intentions. Let’s continue along that theme. It seems like every day some celebrity, politician or other form of knucklehead, convinced they’re opinion is worth something, starts to spew some garbage while simultaneously putting their foot in their mouth. And then comes the inevitable… “I never meant any harm…” […]