Infographic: The Top 10 Habits Of The Mediocre

27th June 2015 . 4 Comments
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Mediocre thinking becomes dangerous when it occurs at the unconscious level. The fact is, if you’re not paying close attention, mediocre thinking and habits can creep into your daily routine. That’s bad, but, that’s not the most dangerous part. The danger is that, because mediocre thinking and habits occur at an unconscious level, their consequences can lay hidden […]

Q&A: I Answer Subscribers Most Pressing Questions!

30th May 2015 . 10 Comments

Back by popular demand, I answer subscribers’ most pressing questions! I did the first round of questions and answers back in March and the mailbag has been filling-up, so it’s time for me to answer the most pressing questions on your mind. Without further delay, here are the latest questions from subscribers and my answers: […]