Why Everything You’ve Read About Success May Be Completely Worthless

20th September 2014 . 4 Comments
The word success against open book against sky

If you want to learn about success, you won’t have a hard time finding information on the subject. In fact, there are thousands of books and blogs about achieving success. The problem is, they may all be worthless! Why? Because the vast majority of people still struggle with achieving success. I hate to say it, […]

Seven Interesting Ways That Reading Can Improve Your Life

13th September 2014 . 5 Comments
Books on wooden table on light background

September is National Literacy Month here in the U.S. and in celebration of this, I’m dedicating all the blog posts and newsletter articles in September to the subject of reading. I’m also giving away free success books as my way of honoring the benefit reading has had on my life. It’s my way of giving […]

Infographic: 5 Surprising Facts About Americans’ Financial Health

23rd August 2014 . 14 Comments
Abstract Businessman chasing and netting Dollars.

Recognize yourself in any of the statistics in today’s infographic? If you do, what can you do to reverse the trend? The first step is to take responsibility.  Only when we take responsibility for our actions can we begin to recognize destructive behaviors, stop them, and begin again in a new direction. The second step is to decide […]

Seven Things To Never Say If You Want To Become Financially Free

15th August 2014 . 4 Comments
A construction barrier with the words This Challenge Brings You

There’s a power in words. Especially words spoken by us, about ourselves. They manifest. And when they manifest, they can either create or they can destroy. Indeed, what we say to ourselves plays a critical role in either helping us or hurting us, in achieving success. I have a question for you – how well […]

Discover What Day You’ll Quit Your Job…For Good!

9th August 2014 . 14 Comments

What day will you quit? Meaning, if you had X dollars in the bank, you could stop working. For good. Think about it for a minute. Some will say one million dollars. Another person might say five hundred thousand. While a third person will aim for ten million dollars. So, how does a person know […]

Infographic: 5 Types Of People That Will Never Be Financially Free

26th July 2014 . 10 Comments

Many people want financial freedom but only a handful will achieve it. There are some personality types however, that will never achieve financial freedom. It’s not that they are not capable. It’s just that their thinking blocks all opportunities for success. What types of people fall into this category? Find out on the latest infographic […]