7 Bits Of Financial Brilliance From Warren Buffett

6th August 2016 . 2 Comments
Stress Of A Businessman

Financial wisdom doesn’t come naturally to the mind, it’s learned. Most people who have achieved success with money received help along the way. Maybe they absorbed the knowledge from a parent or grandparent. Or perhaps they pursued it on their own by reading personal finance books and by copying the success habits of others. That’s what […]

Millennials: Here’s Why “Follow Your Passion” Is Still, And Always Will Be, Terrible Advice To Follow!

9th July 2016 . 6 Comments
Stress Of A Businessman

It’s been repeated so often by guidance counselors, career coaches and your parents that you’d think that they’re all getting paid every time they utter the words. Indeed, “follow your passion” has become a hallmark piece of career advice. Heck, even my own mentor, Warren Buffett, suggests that those who are starting out should do […]

Will Your Success Story Be A Cinderella Story, Like Charlie Munger’s Hard Road To Financial Success?

2nd July 2016 . 5 Comments
Stress Of A Businessman

Starting down the road to success is, by its very nature, a challenging endeavor, and achieving financial success under any circumstances is a great accomplishment. But some people have had more obstacles to overcome than others. Some defy incredible personal odds — including serious depression, extreme injuries, homelessness and even blindness — to become successful. […]