Will You Take It Personally? A Financial Freedom Manifesto.

26th September 2015 . 7 Comments

The crazy boss.  The insane co-workers. The reorganizing. The reorganizing of the department that just got reorganized last month.  The downsizing. The layoffs.  Being forced to do twice as much work as before, for the same money, …and a stupid “attaboy” plaque. The mind-numbing marathon meetings that suck the life out of you.  Being ushered like […]

Infographic: Absolutely Hilarious Excuses People Have For Not Building Wealth!

5th September 2015 . 10 Comments

Do you know what’s sad? Despite all the talk about retirement planning, and all the information available to everyone on the web and in libraries, millions of people still aren’t doing anything to build wealth for themselves and secure their financial future. You know what’s even worse? Many of them give hilarious excuses as to why!  Well, not on […]

Questions and Answers: I Answer Subscribers Most Pressing Questions!

22nd August 2015 . 8 Comments

I’m back with another round of subscriber questions and my answers, and I have to say the questions are getting tougher! Some of you had some real thought-provoking questions and it’s great to see what’s on your mind. I’ve done a couple rounds of Q&A in the past and the old mailbag has been filling-up. So without […]

Infographic: Your Gift To Yourself. The Wonderful Benefits From Being Able To Retire Early!

8th August 2015 . 11 Comments

Early retirement is an incredible gift. It’s a gift that everyone should give themselves. When you retire early, there’s no more silly training programs and bland catered sandwiches. No more brainless meetings, office jerks, and mind-numbing commutes. No more stupid sales pitches. No more two weeks of vacation. No more reorgs of the section that […]

Greek Tragedy: Important Personal Finance Lessons To Be Learned From The Greek Debt Crisis

1st August 2015 . 14 Comments

Greek tragedy was a popular form of drama performed in theaters across ancient Greece. These plays were usually commissioned for competition during religious and other types of festivals, and many were re-performed and copied into scripts for ‘mass’ publication. Although each differed slightly, the plays had similar themes – a dramatic setting that deals with […]