Becoming Warren Buffett. The Process Of Becoming Who You’ll Be In 10 Years Has Begun. Who Will It Be?

28th January 2017 . 4 Comments
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HBO’s new documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett” offers a never-before-seen access into the day-to-day life of billionaire Warren Buffett. It’s the latest film from director Peter Kunhardt and premieres this Monday January 30, 2017 on HBO. According to HBO, “‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ tells the improbable story of how an ambitious, numbers-obsessed boy from Nebraska became one […]

Are You Choosing To Live In Mediocrity? Most People Unknowingly Are, By Doing This One Little Thing…

31st December 2016 . 6 Comments
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Is there anyone out there who desperately wants to live a life characterized as “of moderate or low quality?” Anyone? Good. What you just read was Merriam-Webster’s definition of “mediocrity” and unless you’re just a glutton for punishment, there’s no reasonable reason why you would want a life like that for yourself. The good news […]

You Only Harvest What You Plant. What Seeds Have You Planted?

17th December 2016 . 6 Comments
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For a poor kid who grew up working in the soybean fields of Louisiana, it’s ironic that agriculture was never a strong suit. I’ve managed to kill several cacti and “indestructible” plants over the years, and consider myself to have a “black thumb”. As we are in the Winter season, it’s a time when many […]