Will You Break The Law, Just To Be Financially Free?

4th April 2015 . 10 Comments

Northcote Parkinson termed the phrase Parkinson’s Law in the 1950’s. The law states that “as the supply of a resource increases, so does the demand for that resource”. Here are some common examples: Your computer’s data will expand to fill exactly the amount of storage it has available. The amount of time you have to […]

Want Better Investment Returns? Aim For Average

28th March 2015 . 13 Comments

If you study Warren Buffett’s style of investing for any amount of time, you will inevitably come across his two rules of investing: #1. Never lose money and #2. Never forget rule #1. I remember my initial thoughts on reading these rules for the first time – I thought, this can’t be right. My studies of […]

Q&A: I Answer Subscribers Most Pressing Questions!

7th March 2015 . 10 Comments

Welcome to the first question and answer session on the blog! We provide subscribers a link whereby they can send in their most pressing questions and see them answered right here on the blog. This will be a regular blog feature going forward and hopefully the information below helps answer a question you’ve always wanted […]

7 Steps To Avoid Living A Small Life

28th February 2015 . 15 Comments

Life balance is one of those concepts I love to hate. Here’s why: I don’t know of a single successful person who feels like they’ve mastered that equation. Yet the myth of the perfectly balanced life haunts many. I also think it’s a false way to describe what the real problem is, because life is […]

Infographic: The 5 Critical Reasons Why Most People Are Not Rich.

21st February 2015 . 14 Comments

Why is it that most people don’t become wealthy? With all the opportunities that are available, why is it that so few people retire financially independent… and yet some do find the way?  In this newest infographic, here are what I consider to be the five most critical reasons why most people are not rich. […]